It’s almost that time.

A new year. A new beginning. Time to be aware of time. Of past and future. Of what has been and what is to come. Many people make plans for the new year: To try something new. To start something, or stop something. Be more of something, or less of something. It’s a time to begin again.

But maybe it’s time for a different concept of “resolution”. Maybe instead of creating a new resolve, a new goal or plan, it’s time for resolution, meaning “a solution, accommodation, or settling of a problem”. Maybe it’s time to stop seeing ourselves and our lives as problems to be solved.

Maybe it’s time for better resolution, as in “the degree of sharpness of an image”. Time for us to actually see ourselves clearly, to see our lightness and brightness, our Love, our inherent goodness and perfection.

2015 could be that time. Time to see clearly, to see Truth. Time to be at peace.

Many blessings in the new year. May you see your own beauty and light.

~ by Hilda Porro on December 28, 2014.

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