Sense the Moment


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Those who look for the laws of Nature as a support for their new works collaborate with the creator.

Antoni Gaudi


Earlier this week, I spent most of a day looking for fabric to recover a chair in my family room. I started out thinking I wanted one certain kind of look then traveled through most every possibility of color combinations and possibilities. By late afternoon, I felt completely overwhelmed. After some rest – and sitting in the family room – I realized that I had ventured out for new without really seeing what was already there. I hadn’t noticed the details of the area rug, the beauty of it – and busy-ness of it. I hadn’t noticed that the other chair in the room is also screaming to be recovered; in my mind, it was still the crisp, clean yellow that I saw on the day I bought it. I sit in this room at some point most days and, yet, hadn’t really seen it. And once I started seeing that room, the cushions on the patio furniture just outside started screaming for attention, too! They’re even more tired and worn. Once my eyes were opened, there was so much to take in.

On a certain level, who cares. In the grand scheme of life, how worn my furniture is, or isn’t, does not matter. Truly. However, paying attention to the details, really seeing, taps in to a deep place within and has the power of elevating ‘to-do’s’ to an experience of life as art.

I visited Barcelona recently and was completely taken by the work of Antoni Gaudi, who used the perfection found in nature as the basis for his architectural design. Everything he created was for the glory of God. Among the items on display in the Gaudi museum I visited were slices of pinecones and snake skeletons. Everything Gaudi saw in nature provided a possible pattern to be imitated. What a beautiful way to see the world!

Some days I feel like I just go through the motions, one day not so different from the last. Ennui threatens. I’m lulled by the sameness of it all. The very routine I created seems to have power over me. I feel powerless.

Contrast the ho-hum boredom with a day of truly sensing the moment-to-moment details. Truly smelling the coffee. Actually seeing the colors of the berries in the white bowl and tasting their sweetness. Feeling the softness of the worn-out chair where I relax and contemplate the day ahead. Somehow the moments themselves expand. Powerlessness becomes possibility. A feeling of gratitude wafts into awareness. Meeting the day sensibly.

Collaborating with the creator.

~ by Hilda Porro on September 17, 2015.

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