What If You’re Not Who You Think You Are?

Yoga. I’ve practiced yoga off and on for many years, always feeling great after but not really committed to my practice. In September, I started Yoga Teacher Training at Kula Yoga Shala in Jupiter, FL (a place I highly recommend visiting; you might find yourself wanting to stay!). Our first class was a Wednesday evening, after yoga practice. One by one, all the new YTT students strolled in, grabbed a bolster and found a spot on the floor to complete our growing circle. I looked around, my mind quietly assessing, as the mind will do when starting something new. Lots of smiles. Kind people. Likeable people. YOUNG people. My mind jumped into something of a panic.  Some rumbling in my head and then, “YOU’RE TOO OLD. LOOK AROUND! YOU NEED TO GO. RIGHT NOW!!!” I couldn’t help but hear my own mind’s concern. I kept on breathing. Acknowledging that, yes, I am clearly much older than everyone in this circle. But, does that mean I’m TOO old? My worried mind’s response: WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

Thankfully I stayed sitting on my bolster, stayed in the circle with these beautiful souls whom I’ve grown to respect, admire and love. They are my teachers and peers. I’m learning and growing each and every day. Some days, my muscles are sore. There are lots of poses I won’t even attempt – but haven’t shut down the possibility of some day. Who knows?! We are capable of so much. Our own possibilities and capacities may sometimes get shut down by a mind that wants to protect and maintain status quo. I want to live beyond who I think I am. I choose to live in possibility.

Try yoga! The more I immerse myself in it, the more I want to share it with everyone – regardless of age or flexibility or fitness level. It’s a way to see ourselves beyond who we think we are.


~ by Hilda Porro on October 19, 2017.

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