I heard a story, years ago, that sparked a realization of Truth: that each of us has our own manner of connection and communication with the Universe, our own Language of Spirit. I believe that our lives are incredibly rich with meaning but we risk missing that richness if we’re not paying attention. We each have the responsibility to learn our own Language and, when we do, life unfolds with greater ease and grace. Even when we experience difficult times (which we will), there is a depth and peace that is always available.

I am a shaman, life coach and lawyer and my goal in each role that I play is to support individuals in finding and living their own Truth, their own Language of Spirit. By doing so, we experience life is the blessing that it is. While there is one fundamental Truth, each one of us is a unique expression of that Truth.  We live in a society in which it is easy to lose sight of what is essential; we can get caught in the busy-ness, the doing, of the day-to-day. It takes time and attention to become consciously aware of what is most important to ourselves – to know that we are living our true destiny. It requires clearing away un-truths that we’ve adopted along the way and deeply listening. By slowing down, we can begin to learn and develop our own Language and experience the support that I believe is there for every one of us.

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