Ceremony is performed for healing and transformation. Any individual may participate. Any issue can be offered for change or clarity. For example, in a Fire Ceremony, a stick is used to hold the energy of the issue; a stick appears solid and unchangeable yet once it is offered to the flames, it is transformed into warmth and beautiful fire. Similarly, the issues we deem difficult – our old stories and limiting beliefs – can transform, especially when we are willing to acknowledge our own intuition and spiritual guidance that is always available. We sometimes forget the support that is ever present. Ceremony can act as a reminder.

In Ceremony, we are invited to honor both our past experiences and the new that we are inviting into our lives.  We release the past with gratitude – it’s made us who we are and brought us to this present moment. We acknowledge the gifts of every experience (even though not always easy).

Ceremony can be performed individually or in community.


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