Individual Sessions

My one-on-one client work (described below) is an integration of the training I received as both life coach and shaman.  You, as client, are asked to simply stop and look at the life you are currently living and – most importantly – sense if what you are seeing is in alignment with your true values and essential essence. Many of us are so busy in our lives that we never stop to ask why we are doing the things we are doing. Does all this busy-ness bring me closer to joy? How is my heart? Am I living my life purpose  An important part of the coaching process is for each individual to have a safe space to practice discernment. Through the coaching process, you practice fine-tuning the skill of listening within. Each of us has our own unique way of tapping into what is essential. The coaching process helps to strengthen that important practice.

Sessions are available either in person or by telephone. Feel free to call or email me if you have questions or to schedule an appointment. Fees and options are at the bottom of this page.


Each shamanic session is unique depending on the specific circumstances and issues presented. Two foundational processes often used are Illumination and Soul Retrieval. An Illumination is a chakra-based clearing and balancing. Sometimes life events cause energy to become blocked or stuck. Blocked or stuck energy can then wreak havoc in our lives, the problems manifesting physically, emotionally, in unhealthy relationships, etc. In the Illumination process, the energy block is cleared and healthy flow of energy restored. This inner balance can then manifest in the client’s external life.

A Soul Retrieval involves a shamanic journey to seek the source of any imbalance and restore the client’s inherent wholeness.  Through trauma, we sometimes develop false beliefs about ourselves and life’s possibilities. While these beliefs are created for our own survival, they are often limiting and untrue, but difficult to access as they rest in our subconscious. These limiting beliefs can be brought to conscious awareness and re-written so that a new, healthy foundation is created.

A word about trauma:  Trauma is in the eye of the beholder.  A person can have profound negative effects from an experience that may not be described as a “trauma”.  A toddler being yelled at can have traumatic effects on a certain individual and no effect on another. We are each unique and have our own individual responses to the events in our lives.

I received my training as a shaman with the Healing the Light Body School of The Four Winds. The founder of The Four Winds, Alberto Villoldo, lived with the medicine people of Peru, an Incan lineage, and learned their practices. The two practices described here are only a tiny portion of the powerful teachings and possible shamanic healing practices available



Individual Session:      $125.00/hour

Coaching Packages:

Ten (10) Session Package: $1,000.00  Because we are creatures of habit, committing to an on-going coaching relationship is recommended for real change.

Coaching for Lawyers: I am especially qualified to coach lawyers. I established my own law practice almost 25 years ago and continue to maintain my practice as a sole-practitioner. Fee and package options are the same as above.

All sessions available by phone, or in person if in the West Palm Beach, FL area. All payments made through Paypal prior to session or at beginning of month.

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