It’s been a little more than a year since I started working with Hilda. I came to her with insecurities and demons from my past that I had a difficult time dealing with and understanding. Her strategies and methods of finding out the roots of my problems and then facing each one have made a tremendous impact on my life. She’s opened my eyes to the big picture and it’s helped me see what is important. I still get clouded every now and then, but she’s always there to help me sift through the fog. Today I can say, it’s remarkable how much I have grown in such a short time. I am forever grateful Hilda, you are an amazing person and have such an incredible talent when it comes to helping others.
Alex, Wellington


My session with Hilda was on the phone & it was incredible how she could transfer her healing energy from miles & miles away. She helped clear my body, mind, & soul. I found myself again.  Hilda = Healing, Inspiring, Loving, Divine, Amazing. Thank you, Hilda!



I absolutely loved working with Hilda and plan to continue as soon as my travel schedule calms down. She is real, direct, caring, insightful and just plain helpful. I love her style.  She helped me to be more aware of myself and my surroundings and most of all, of who I am. I have attended her groups and also have been in private session. There is much merit to both.

I would highly recommend Hilda to anyone who is looking to become the best they can be.

Nina, Wellington FL


Hilda played a major role in helping me sort out and work through mental and emotional roadblocks in order to move forward with a big career decision.  The decision I was able to make with her help has been one the best choices of my life.

Celina, West Palm Beach, FL


Hilda, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the gifts I received in our Shamanic soul retrieval session. From the moment I stepped into the sacred space you created I could feel the energy of your love and profound presence. I felt gently held and guided every step of the way, which totally allowed me to relax into the experience and trust the unknown. What I especially loved was the spiritual collaboration you generated, merging your Shamanic skills and wisdom with my own guidance and wisdom. What an incredible talent that you bring to this work! I felt totally honored, empowered, and connected to what came forth and this was significant to my integration of the information. What I experienced and learned in our session continues to serve me and I know it always will. It was a privilege to experience this soul retrieval with you and I’m so happy for others who are fortunate enough to have such an opportunity.



A few years ago I was in a serious car accident that left me in continual pain with three herniated discs in my neck.  In the months following the accident, I went through physical therapy, nerve ending stimulation, trigger point shots, a series of cervical epidurals, and long, painful exercises.  Eventually, my specialist said surgery was the only thing that might help me.   Might?  I was then given a prescription for pain medicine, which I could never bring myself to get filled due to the horror stories of how people can become dependent upon pain killers and the next thing you know, addiction.

I met Hilda about three years after my accident and after we started talking, learned that she performed energy healing.  I confess I was a little leery at first, but after the first session, I became a believer.  Not only had I asked Hilda to help me with the pain, but also the intense anger I was dealing with daily.   Five months later, my pain is very manageable without surgery or pain killers and my anger towards the driver of the car who caused the accident has all but disappeared.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking a leap of faith and putting your trust in a, knowledgeable energy healer, like Hilda.



I was fortunate enough to have a Soul Retrieval with Hilda at a retreat in Duxbury, MA recently.  The amazing result of this session was to give me immediate clarity around a major internal conflict that I have been struggling with for several years.  It’s possible that years of conventional therapy would have achieved a similar result.  Thank you Hilda.



While I’m not 100% sure that the healing directly contributed to my pregnancy the following month, I am willing to admit that the sense of calm it brought helped me to keep things in better perspective, focus on the bigger picture (i.e. there is nothing wrong with us physically and we will get pregnant) and most importantly stop obsessing.



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